AORA Capability Statement

The Australian Recycled Organics Industry at a Glance

Our Businesses

Our Products

-  composted soil conditioners and mulches
-  agricultural soil amendments
-  potting mixes, playground surfacing and manufactured soils

Our Environmental Contribution
Compost -

-  reducing water loss from soils (improving water use efficiency and reducing cropping risk)
-  protecting soils against wind and water erosion
-  reducing soil temperature fluctuations (increasing root growth and soil biology)  
-  reduces synthetic fertilizer demand and carbon emissions from fertilizer manufacture and use

Our Potential
An additional 13 million tonnes/year of organic material is still available to be diverted from landfill. Diverting just an additional 2 million tonnes would:

Our Communication
Whilst the AORA web site is an industry member’s resource the public face of AORA can be found at  The Compost for Soils site provides an extensive resource of the organics industries efforts over the past 15years including many papers on organic reuse.







Download the Capability Statement here.