A note from the Chair - AORA National Structure

28 March 2017

I guess most of you will be aware by now that the AORA Executive Officer (Peter McLean) has moved on and unfortunately we are also losing Alice Morgan who has made a major contribution to establishing our communications on our websites and social media. The AORA Board will now also work with the NSW committee/NSW Communications sub-committee to find a replacement for Alice (Communications and Education Officer) to maintain the great work recognising the need for, communications, IT, Social Media and graphic design skills.

In relation to the work that was being undertaken by the EO, which has set a base for our profile in each of the states and at a national level the board has elected to focus on the business development and as a result has engaged the Queensland Chair and Director Martin Tower to finalise the national strategy and business plan. Martin has also taken over the role of the EO in managing the May Conference and festivities in Adelaide.

The board took this decision based on the high level of involvement Martin had in the draft strategy and the development of the business plan and his organisational skills. Martin’s role on the board has been amended to Executive Director to recognise his remuneration for work on these projects with the option for the board to increase his responsibility based on need and performance.

Whilst AORA continues to grow we have an increasing requirement to employ people with the requisite skills to reduce the demand on our committees and individuals who work so hard without compensation.  The board will continue to manage the national agenda but in the short term if any members have a nominee for the NSW Communications role please contact Kay (admin@aora.org.au) who will pass it on to the NSW committee.

Don’t forget we will be celebrating International Compost Awareness Week in Adelaide 10th – 12th May at the AORA Training day, Conference and Dinner.  I look forward to seeing you all there.


Paul Coffey, Director/Chair