AORA National Conference 2016 testimonials

“One of the best industry events which I've been to.”

“A well-run conference packed with great presenters and lots of opportunities for networking.”

“I have presented at a great number of conferences around the world over the last 20 years. This year’s AORA conference was one of the best I have been to. Generally, conferences in the area of waste are about big shiny expensive machines. This conference came closer than any other to a discussion on the important subjects of soil and food production.”

“I thought Sally Brown and Dr Wong were was the panel on microbes! Great big conference day.”

“An outstanding event for all within the organics recycling industry including processors, users of composted products and those looking to commence organics recycling.”

“Jam packed with awesome speakers across a range of topics. Even things I thought I wouldn't be interested in ...I was! Oh, and I have fallen in love with microbes.”

“The keynote speakers were excellent and it was great to hear about how things are done overseas.”

“This year had some great overseas presenters, assisted with new perspectives, change in focus etc. Sally Brown was great.”

“The event was very informative. I left with a much greater understanding of the industry, its technologies and markets.”