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Accelerating Substrate Production with the Wood Fiber Machine

  • January 31, 2024

Amidst the growing demand for wood fiber to complement soil mixes, Premier Tech introduces the BPE Series Wood Fiber Machine.


This compact, robust, and energy-efficient equipment allows for on-site production of wood fiber. The patented technology applies high pressure to the raw materials, generating heat above 100C, which produces and sanitizes fiber, meeting RHP standards.

Watch the full product video here


With a production capacity of up to 12 m3/h (16 yd3/h) and an expansion ratio of up to 1:3*, it consumes 30% less energy than typical refiners, resulting in significant cost savings.

Various wood by-products can be used, including white softwood chips, forest residue, and compost wood. The produced fiber maintains its volume when mixed and has excellent water dispersion capacity for root development.


For more information, visit ptchronos.com/wood-fiber-machine or email us at [email protected]