About AORA

The Australian Organics Recycling Association Limited (AORA) works with stakeholders to facilitate the conditions through which surplus organic material can be sustainably and cost-effectively recycled; and to promote the beneficial use of compost, soil conditioners and mulches in primary industries.


Our Vision

Recycling and reuse of organic materials within a circular economy is widely understood and supported by Australians. 


Our Mission

AORA works with all stakeholders to facilitate an operating environment which maximises the recycling and reuse of organic materials, and promotes the benefits of compost, soil conditioners and mulches across the Australian community and business.

Advocate | Communicate | Collaborate | Educate | Innovate 

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. AORA is the national voice of the organics recycling industry and is recognised in this capacity by governments and all industry stakeholders across the supply chain.

  2. AORA defines and champions a future where recycling of organic materials is maximised and optimised.

  3. AORA is a modern, successful and sustainable business.

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