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Achieve Unparalleled Productivity and Efficient Space Utilisation with the Komptech Topturn X5000

  • September 28, 2023

In the world of composting and organic waste management, optimising productivity and effectively utilising available space are essential for success. Komptech, a leading provider of innovative solutions, presents the Topturn X5000, an exceptional compost turner designed to maximise productivity while effectively utilising windrow pad space. With its powerful engine, robust construction, and versatile features, the Topturn X5000 is poised to revolutionise composting operations.

Unmatched Performance and Versatility: The Topturn X5000 is specifically engineered for windrows up to 5 meters wide and 2.2 meters high, making it the ideal machine for widespread 5-meter windrow widths. With its 250kW engine power, this compost turner ensures optimum performance and efficiency. Its large-dimensioned turning drum facilitates high throughput and complete mixing, resulting in superior compost quality. The Topturn X5000 offers two power levels for smaller models, providing flexibility and fuel efficiency to meet specific operational requirements.

Wheel Drive or Track Drive: To cater to diverse operating conditions, the Topturn X5000 offers a choice between wheel drive and track drive. The wheeled chassis is particularly advantageous on asphalt and concrete surfaces, delivering high traction and quick manoeuvrability. The comfortable ride provided by tires further enhances its appeal. On the other hand, the tracked chassis is the optimal choice for unpaved ground, effectively converting engine power into forward movement. The open track design simplifies cleaning, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Elevated Operator Experience: The Topturn X5000 prioritises operator comfort and efficiency. The new cabin offers a spacious and ergonomic workspace, providing operators with a comfortable environment to maximise productivity. Equipped with a powerful air conditioner and an air-cushioned seat, the cabin ensures a pleasant working experience, even in demanding conditions. The intuitive controls and large colour display of the new information system enable operators to adapt the machine to various working conditions seamlessly.

Simplified Maintenance: Komptech understands the importance of easy and efficient maintenance. With the Topturn X5000, maintenance becomes a breeze. The press of a button transforms the left and right body panels into roomy maintenance platforms, complete with convenient access steps. This design facilitates safe and easy access to all maintenance points, streamlining service and upkeep. Furthermore, the drum blades boast an extended service life and can be replaced easily and cost-effectively, reducing downtime and operating costs.

Wide Application Range: The Topturn X5000 caters to a wide array of applications. Whether composting municipal green waste, biowaste, sewage sludge, treating contaminated soils, or mixing ores, this versatile machine is ready for the task. Its adaptability and robust design ensure optimal performance across various industries, making it an asset for composting and waste management operations.

With the Komptech Topturn X5000, composting operations can achieve unmatched productivity and effectively utilise available windrow pad space. This powerful and versatile compost turner combines innovative features, superior performance, and simplified maintenance to optimise efficiency and deliver exceptional results. Embrace the Topturn X5000 and revolutionise your composting operations today!