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Komptech’s Crambo: Redefining Waste Shredding Excellence

  • December 14, 2023

In the evolving landscape of waste management, Komptech’s Shredder-Crambo stands tall as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and reliability. With a tested and proven design in the demanding Australian organics industry, the Crambo is redefining the standards of wood and green waste shredding. This machine has become a trusted solution for waste management professionals, demonstrating its ability to handle diverse waste materials with ease.

The Crambo excels in achieving maximum throughput while minimising fuel usage, thanks to its highly efficient mechanical direct drum drive. This innovation sets it apart from hydraulic-driven drums, ensuring a top-tier economy without compromising on essential product benefits such as overloading protection, reversibility, and material adaptation.

A standout feature of the Crambo is its large shredding Chamber and twin aggressive feed drums. This design not only offers market-leading throughput but also showcases the machine’s versatility in handling various feedstocks.

The Crambo’s twin slow-speed drums play a pivotal role in delivering unmatched performance. By minimising the generation of fine particles and dust, these drums not only contribute to improved throughput rates but also set the standard for twin-shaft performance, outclassing competitors in the market.

The Crambo’s innovative shredding concept opens doors to a wide range of applications. From shredding bio-waste for composting to processing market waste, food, and kitchen waste for fermentation, the Crambo proves its adaptability and versatility in addressing diverse waste management challenges.

The introduction of the Crambo Direct, featuring an efficient mechanical drum drive, combines the best of hydraulic drive functionality with mechanical drive efficiency. This ensures top economy while retaining crucial product benefits like overloading protection, reversibility, and adaptation to various materials.

Powered by a modern Caterpillar® diesel engine, the Crambo ensures minimal noise emissions. The machine’s drive system, whether hydraulic or mechanical, offers reliability and efficiency. The control electronics continually monitor the operational status, ensuring intervention in case of breakdowns and precise adaptation to the material.

The Crambo boasts an extremely large feed area, slow-running tool elements that produce no fine fractions, and a quick-change system for screen baskets and teeth. This results in a variable particle size spectrum, minimal wear, and low maintenance costs.

The Crambo stands out as an ideal biomass machine with options like the Bio Cutting Unit. These features enhance efficiency, boost throughput, and reduce fuel consumption, making the Crambo a go-to solution for biomass processing.

Komptech’s Shredder-Crambo is not merely a machine; it’s a comprehensive solution that addresses the complexities of waste management with finesse. Its proven design, innovative features, and adaptability make it an indispensable tool in the pursuit of a sustainable and efficient future for waste processing.

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