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New Innovative Equipment Secures Gippsland Soil Solutions Position as Market Leader

  • August 28, 2023

Investment in a new innovative processing solution from FOCUS enviro has allowed Gippsland Soil Solutions to vastly improve their production capacity at their Morwell processing facility.

Gippsland Soils Solutions have a history of investing in their machinery fleet. By doing so they have established themselves as the leading supplier of Premium topsoil and compost soil conditioners throughout Gippsland and South East Melbourne.

Established in 2009 by Jamie and Kevin Marslen, Gippsland Soil Solutions have led the way in the production and wholesale supply of premium topsoil and composted soil conditioners serving garden supply centres throughout the local area. Drawing from their expertise in the industry, the operation based in Morwell, provides reliable and effective rehabilitation, revegetation, soil rejuvenation and dust suppression solutions for the mining, construction, agricultural and civil industries.


Blended soils such as those created by Gippsland Soil Solutions use a mixture of different soil types and can offer several benefits that can improve plant growth, soil health, and the overall productivity of agricultural systems.


Backed by some of the most experienced agronomists, soil science and technical support in the industry, Gippsland Soils Solutions is at the forefront of the manufacture and distribution of premium topsoils. The utilization of new, innovated equipment such as the EDGE FTS Radial secures this market position.

The new EDGE FTS Radial or “The Hippo” as is fondly known as by the operating crew at the Morwell site due it’s high production rates; is utilized for the blending of premium soils. Since it’s installation the FTS Radial has vastly improved the production capacity of the site. Operators on the site can now achieve the same production in the matter of hours using the FTS Radial on what would have taken them a full day to achieve. Their old process utilised a PTO driven windrow turner and wheel loader.

The new process is a lot less labour intensive and much easier on the machinery they are using which has seen a reduction in associated wear costs. During the blending of their premium topsoil, organic matter and recycled paper compost are added for improved water and nutrient holding capabilities, which is then screened to 16-millimetre minus for product consistency and conformance to AS4419-2018.

The new unit both aerates the feed material and ensures an efficient blending of the feedstock, all achievable by a high-speed turner located in the hopper. This set up ensures that 100% of feed stock sees the turner; a process FOCUS enviro says is not possible with traditional windrow turner.



The FTS Radial was released to the market by Irish manufacturers EDGE Innovate in January 2022 with many units already performing well in North America. The unit purchased by Gippsland Soil Solutions was the first unit to be installed in the Australian market.

The FTS Radial is a portable feed stacker which incorporates a large feeder hopper, a high-speed auger and 180° radial discharge conveyor for impressive stockpiling of processed material.  EDGE Innovate specifically designed the unit for the processing and blending of low density, organic materials such as mulch, compost, and soils.

“We took delivery of the EDGE FTS Radial in June 2022 and it has quickly become a vital piece of equipment for our operation, it has been utilised every week since it was installed. It is a great success story for Gippsland Soil”.   Jamie Marsden, CEO of Gippsland Soil Solutions.

“The EDGE FTS Radial is perfectly suited to the requirements and objectives of Gippsland Soil Solutions. The new installation has quickly become an integral part of their business as we believed it would”.

 “It is always a pleasure to work with a company that has a history of pushing the boundaries of traditional processes. The new FTS Radial modernizes a traditional process, and the company is reaping the rewards”. Gabriel Coary, Area Sales Manager, FOCUS enviro.



FOCUS enviro offer tailored solutions, from single equipment supply to complete integrated processing systems. FOCUS enviro were established to effectively service the waste and organics industries by offering selected technologies that are proven, innovative, relevant, and reliable.

FOCUS enviro only work with world class experienced manufacturers and suppliers that specialise in the waste and organics industries, that understand the challenges of processing material in these sectors and who can offer custom solutions that are as individual as each customer and application.

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