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Western Sydney’s Clean & Green Recycling Double Down with EDGE machines supplied by FOCUS ENVIRO

  • October 31, 2023

With a proven tradition of managing organic waste, New South Wales based Clean & Green Recycling have utilized technologies to drive sustainability and provide a better opportunity for the environment and local communities. Established as a logistics company, Clean & Green Recycling collected organic waste from over 120 Woolworth’s stores across Australia and composting this into an Australian Standard soil conditioner product, bagged back to Woolworth’s and Big W stores; creating their first circular economy.

In a move to improve site efficiencies and process more material, Clean & Green have opted for the successful combination of an EDGE TRT622 Trommel Screen and FTS Radial Deep Stacker Turner supplied by FOCUS enviro.

Trusted by many waste processors in Australia, the EDGE TRT622 trommel screen is proven to provide operators with a highly reliable screening solution that offers both high throughput and superior screening results. With intelligent load management, large screening area and remote radial fines conveyor; the EDGE TRT622 has established itself as the trommel of choice for many mid to large-scale operations here in Australia.

EDGE Innovate have been consistently evolving their product offering based on new waste processing challenges but more importantly on the feedback they received from their partners and end users. Based on the popular FTS Mulch Master, the EDGE FTS Radial Deep Stack Turner is an evolution of a solution to overcome the restrictions imposed by traditional compost turners whilst meeting environmental legislation. The FTS Radial incorporates a large feeder hopper, a high-speed auger and 180° radial discharge conveyor for impressive stockpiling of processed material.  EDGE Innovate specifically designed the unit for the turning and blending of low density, organic materials such as mulch, compost, and soils.

In a move described by John McGuinness from FOCUS enviro as a clean (green) sweep, the requirement for one machine quickly turned to two when Steve and his team learned of what the machines, in particular the EDGE FTS Deep stack turner could produce. Johns goes on to say “it is very easy to put forward the idea of high capacity machines with low operational costs but in this case; the proof of the pudding was definitely in the eating as the FTS Radial deep stack turner handle the feed from two front end loaders with ease”.  

Clean & Green Recycling director Steve Rhind didn’t take long to decide that the compliment of an EDGE Deep stacker would lift their capability for delivering on demand, finished composts and soils in record time.  Steve adds that “we were aware of the popularity of the EDGE Trommel Screen within our industry, most of our partners and competitors business have at least one. On a site visit with the FOCUS team to see the EDGE Trommel in action in Eastern Creek we also seen the EDGE FTS R Deep Stacker operating and knew it would be a brilliant fit for our process and material needs. The option to have the radial product conveyor, better turning of the material and stacking finished product higher was a green light for the purchase of the second machine”.

The FTSR is serving a growing number of medium to large organic recyclers in Australia. Designed in partnership with EDGE and based on Aussie client feedback, the machine offers flexibility with many end users divided on which features they utilize the most. Drivers for the purchase reported from business owners in South Australia and New South Wales with machines currently operated include reduced cycle times, water savings and a much reduced maturation footprint.

Operations manager Joel Rhind further commented on the simplicity of the EDGE FTS Radial, “when we saw the material surging off the product belt it was amazing to find out how simple the internal double augers were working to aggressively turn our compost windrows at speed. We couldn’t believe it had not been done before it was that simple. The load sensing feeder working with the onboard liquids pump meant we could accurately provide the right amount of water injected into our material consistently and without excess water loss.  The results can be seen from the first bucket. The machines in combination are without any doubt a success and we now even load our finished product out with the FTS R in record time and without the worry of loaders getting too close to the trucks.”



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